eyeQuest Programming

Patient Education

Condition of the Month and Your Body segments add impactful chiropractic education features to eyeQuest’s award-winning programming line-up.


Condition of the Month

Dr. James P. Cima discusses Obesity and Dieting.

Drs. Deutchman and Lamantia discuss the early detection techniques for Scoliosis.

Your Body

Reviews your body’s immune system against infectious disease.

Reviews the Atlas vertebra and checking for subluxations.

Doctors & Patients

More than 80% of new patients come to you by referral. Here are several perfect examples of how one patient can help you get a hundred more. And with your own personalized welcome video, you can also greet every patient every time they visit the practice.


Patient Testimonials

This is the perfect chiropractic patient that every DC wishes for during their career.

This chiropractic skeptic became a believer after a tennis injury nearly ended his competitive playing days.

This chiropractic patient was referred by an Orthopedic doctor after months of treatment.

Doctor Welcome

Dr. Julie Marchiol welcomes patients to her practice and sets their minds at ease whether it’s their visit or they’ve been coming in for regular care for years.

Dr. Cheryl Langley welcomes patients to her family practice of more than 20 years, sets the tone for their visit and thanks them for coming in today.

Special Features

Your patients will enjoy learning the secrets of the 100-Year Lifestyle™ directly from its creator Dr. Eric Plasker as well as viewing other significant programming features from across the profession.


Centenarian Secrets

Dr. Eric Plasker discusses the taking care of your spine at every age beginning at birth to live a long and healthy life.

Dr. Eric Plasker discusses a recent FDA Report and the dangers of taking prescription drugs.

The Healthy Lifestyle

Dr. Joe Cheff answers a patient’s questions about chiropractic adjustments.

Minute of Health

Dr. Joe Franks of Chiropractic Lifecare of America discusses how chiropractic works.

Backpack Safety

This news feature is a popular back-to-school episode on the proper uses and abuses of backpacks.

Products & Services

The average patient knows less than 25% of what your practice has to offer. eyeQuest™ gives you the power to educate your patients on the most important products and services available at your office. It’s the perfect message every time and one more reason why eyeQuest is the must-have internal marketing tool for any practice.

Custom Orthotics

FootLevelers DVD converted for use on eyeQuest™ screens.


Standard Process DVD converted for use on eyeQuest™ screens.


Heather Lawrence LMT discusses her training and the advantages of massage.


Julie Campilio discusses the physical and mental benefits of Yinyasa Yoga.


Linda R. Greenlee MA RD reviews evaluating your dietary status and designing a nutritional plan for your lifestyle.

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