In Harmony Sustainable Landscapes

Client Details

Engagement: Strategic Marketing, Website Redesign, Social Media, Email Marketing, Blogging Platform, SEO
 Commercial & Residential Landscaping

Project Description …


What was needed ...

  • Initially website management
  • Subsequently website redesign
  • Enable changes by in-house staff
  • Social media & email marketing integration

What we did ...

  • Changes to existing website
  • Redesign website to WordPress
  • Fully responsive for all platforms
  • Embedded social media & email marketing
  • Blog for continuous informational outreach
  • Portfolio displays for projects & features
  • Video

The results ...

  • All project phases on-time & on-budget
  • In-house management of social media, email marketing and blog
  • Improved customer communications
  • Increased monthly website visits

On Time, On Budget

In Harmony is proud of its reputation as a sustainable landscape company. 2014 was our 20th anniversary and we wanted to enhance our website for the occasion, but didn’t have the in-house expertise. Our IT company referred us to eyeQuest in Atlanta. They listened to our needs, made several great suggestions and best of all implemented everything as promised, on time and on budget. That’s they way we work with our customers, so it was extremely nice to receive that level of service from Ron and his team.

Mark Gile


In Harmony Sustainable Landscapes


Mark Gile


In Harmony Sustainable Landscapes

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