The Foundation Group

Client Details

Engagement: Strategic Marketing, Website Redesign, SEO
 Commercial Real Estate

Project Description …


What was needed ...

  • Website re-design
  • Client maintainable
  • Listings section
  • Industry interfaces
  • SEO program

What we did ...

  • WordPress website
  • For Sale listings, client maintained
  • Recently Sold listings, client maintained
  • Leasing section, third-party interface
  • Developed & implemented SEO keyword strategy
  • Delivered website training

The results ...

  • All projects on-time & on-budget
  • SEO results high page 1
  • On-going updates

Performing Beyond Expectations

We needed help with 2 websites, our social media presence and ways to easily update everything, especially the websites. What sets Ron and his team apart is his ability to see the big picture, then create and execute a plan that we like and understand, and most of all don’t have to manage every step of the way. We have retained professionals in the past that promised the world and never delivered anything except a bill. Ron performed beyond our best expectations!

Bruce A. Kahn, CCIM, CPM

Principal, Designated Broker

The Foundation Group


Bruce A. Kahn, CCIM, CPM

Principal, Designated Broker

The Foundation Group

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