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Client Details

Engagement: Strategic Marketing, Website Development & Management, SEO, Online Advertising, Blog, IT Services, Help Desk, Desktop Management
 Scrap Metal Recycling

Project Description …


What was needed ...

  • WordPress website
  • Content & blog creation
  • SEO program
  • AdWords campaign
  • IT services & help desk
  • On-going management & reporting

What we did ...

  • Managed website conversion to WordPress
  • Created page & regular blog content
  • Developed & implemented SEO keyword strategy
  • Created & implemented AdWords campaign
  • Monthly management & reporting
  • Website re-design underway (not shown above)

The results ...

  • All projects on-time & on-budget
  • Average 4x increase to website visits
  • SEO results high page 1
  • AdWords results 3x average
  • Continuous updates

Digital Marketing Strategy

eyeQuest really helped pull together and implement our digital marketing strategy, and also provided some well-needed internal IT help desk assistance for our desktop users. They always seem to have the right attitude and the right answers to get the job done.

Dave Darnell


Metro Alloys, Inc.


Dave Darnell


Metro Alloys, Inc.

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