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Client Details

Engagement: Website Redesign, Updates & Maintenance, SEO & Analytics
 Commercial Real Estate

Project Description …


What was needed ...

  • Website redesign
  • Project plan
  • Brand alignment
  • Consistent website messaging
  • Clean website presentation
  • SEO implementation
  • Analytics tracking & reporting

What we did ...

  • Reviewed all website elements
  • Developed & implemented project plan
  • Produced consistent messaging across all website pages
  • Restored dated website elements & images
  • Created SEO keyword program
  • Implemented monthly analytics reporting

The results ...

  • All project elements completed on-time & on-budget
  • On-going updates & maintenance
  • Google & Bing search results improved

Winning Formula

As the fastest growing IT company in S. Florida, we determined that continual improvement was required to meet future growth plans. We turned to eyeQuest to help us strategically align our sales and marketing to support our growth. Their team gives us the experience of a CMO for strategic planning and the hands-on resources for tactical execution that allows our team to focus on growing the company and continually serving our customers. It’s a winning formula.

Michael Dougherty

VP of Operations

Greyson Technologies


Michael Dougherty

VP of Operations

Greyson Technologies

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