R. Jacobs Construction

Client Details

Engagement: Strategic Marketing, Website Management, SEO, Social Media, eMail Marketing
 Residential & Commercial Construction & Remodeling

Project Description …


What was needed ...

  • Strategic marketing plan
  • Website management
  • Social media integration
  • AdWords & Facebook advertising
  • eNewsletter & mail list creation
  • SEO

What we did ...

  • Restructured website content for SEO
  • Created social media program
  • Implemented online advertising campaign
  • Integrated social media & online advertising
  • Drafted & designed eNewsletters
  • Developed multi-tier email marketing lists

The results ...

  • All projects on-time & on-budget
  • Continuous project improvement
  • Substantial increases to organic, social & paid visits to website

Online Marketing

R. Jacobs Construction has a long-standing reputation for quality home building and remodeling. Customer service and attention to detail have always been a part of the “Jacobs” difference, which makes working with Ron and his company a natural fit for us when crafting our online marketing. He knows how to bring the right pieces together and make certain everything fits. That’s important to us and what our client’s expect as well.

Bob Jacobs


R. Jacobs Construction


Bob Jacobs


R. Jacobs Construction

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There’s an old business adage that says … half of what we spend on advertising is wasted, we just don’t know which half.

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Clients often ask about the value of adding or maintaining eNewsletters as part of their eMarketing social media mix. Here’s what I advise.

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What About Your Brand?

Often when interviewing a new client, I will ask … Do you have a brand? What is your brand? Do you think having a brand is important?